Welcome to the SnippetsQAL

Click on the link to download a PDF snippetsQALstart

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6 Responses to Welcome to the SnippetsQAL

  1. Janet G. says:

    Thanks so much for doing the PDF guide! I’m not sure that I’m fast enough to sew 4 blocks a week, but I am anxious to try and see how I do. Thanks for hosting this!

    • meg says:

      Don’t worry if you can’t make four a week, it’s fun to sew along regardless of the number! I’m glad you’re going to try!!

  2. Vickie Zobel says:

    Hmmmm I’m thinking very very strongly on joining. Foolish I know, as I rarely get to my machine these days. But … I WANNA!

    • meg says:

      Oh Vicki, I sure hope you join in!! I won’t tell if you don’t finish by August…it’ll give you a retreat project for the fall!!

  3. Kim Y says:

    I hope I can keep up!!! I’m excited to see what everyone’s will look like!! Thanks for hosting Meg!!

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