Precut Inventory Sheets

One of the things I figured out pretty quickly when I went hunting through my charm pack stash for Snippets, is that I had more of some collections I didn’t think I had many of and fewer to none or some collections that I thought I had plenty of, so I made a real quick table to write out a real quick precut inventory.  I have both a Bonnie and Camille and a blank version.  I have the common packaging across the top, Fat Quarter Bundle and so on, and then one slot for misc, where you can write in honeycombs, treats or kits.  I hope these help you all out as much as I’m hoping they will help me!   Here are quick thumbnails of what they look like and here are the links

Click on the link to download the blank version Blank Inventory Sheet

Click on the link to download the Bonnie and Camille version B&C Precut Inventory Sheet

*These PDFs are only meant to be used to help inventory your personal stash so you can sew up that beautiful fabric and cannot be sold/shared/posted elsewhere as your own –  so basically please don’t be uncool and just enjoy.

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